Have you checked out what our speakers are giving away to 1 lucky winner? Simply attend their webinar live and we'll automatically enter you into the prize draw.


11- Fabulous Speakers = 11 GREAT PRIZES!

Kornelia Stephanie: One Year Subscription to Kornelia's Mastermind Membership. It is valued at $797.00 per year. One Very Lucky Woman will benefit being with the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet.

Wealthy Roots : All Women are Queens. A Women's collaborative. To inspire Creatively Wild Women to rise rooted in spiritual and material abundance. Women Supporting Women Growing 7 Figures and up. Meet Bi-Weekly on Zoom. Wednesday 9 AM PST/ 12Noon EST We are building wildly thriving Businesses. Leaving Legacies, we are proud of. Confident Women lead in their self-actualization, transforming the lives of the people they influence. ~Give, ~ Receive, ~Influence.

Autumn Seibel: A highly sought after private mediumship reading and a new moon manifestation intention planting ceremony with Autumn. This is a once in a lifetime offer ($350 value).

Nina Skye: One lucky winner will enjoy a 5 hour business strategy session. This session is designed to assess the current status of your business, troubleshoot your weaknesses and plant you on a solid foundation. Our first call will be a live 1 hour introductory session centered around a Q&A. Next we will spend 2 hours evaluating the operational side of your business and finally we will use the last 2 hours creating a new foundation with a marketing, development and brand building strategy. The faster you're able to implement this structure into your current model will determine how fast you see results. Value $1500.00 dollars

Brook Packard: When sleep goes right, everything goes right. The gateway to good sleep is a bedtime routine that works for you and your family. In this ultimate bedtime coaching and resource package from Sleepytime Club (Value $420) you win:

• Forty-five-minute personal consultation to assess your unique habits with a 20-minute follow up and action plan. In less than 90 minutes, you will banish overwhelm and regain hours of time along with prioritizing sleep. ($225) • Based on our conversation, a recorded personalized guided meditation to help you release stress and easily transition to sleep ($97) • Hard copy of Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal: Three Months of Happy Bedtime Habits. Writing prompts for young children that capture memories and allow caregivers to connect at bedtime. Each week, a new poem and bedtime affirmation. All recorded to stream and help children – and adults! – transition to sleep. ($22) • Stars: Mukwa’s Journey, the first Sleepytime Club bedtime kit. Digital plus soft cover book and recording that takes children an affirming journey to sleep and parents a caring bedtime connection in 20 minutes…or less! Each bedtime kit includes a bedtime story, poem with gentle touch, lullaby, American Sign Language, “Put the Day to Bed” mindfulness practice, all recorded plus classical guitar. Leave the recording behind and reclaim your evening. ($22) • Stop the Struggle, Get the Snuggle Summit: Sleep Strategies from the Experts. Twelve speakers including Dr. Laura Markham, Dana Obleman, and Dr. Robert Rosenberg with practical strategies on easily connecting at bedtime, better sleep habits, positive parenting, storytelling, music, and the connection between sleep and weight loss. ($47) • The Bedtime Blueprint: The “why” and “how” to plan for sleep. Includes printables and the “Done for You” lights out/wake up chart. ($7)

Janet Hickox : Complete Human Design Astrology Reading. $199 value. Human Design is literally "astrology for a new paradigm" as it delves into the essentials of who you are and how you are meant to make good decisions for YOU, and how you work magic in relationships, and where you can best express your life purpose and destiny. This reading consists of two sessions with me personally, through either telephone conference or video call. You'll discover truths about yourself that lie hidden in plain sight and discover your path to living authentically and in your personal authority.

Susan Axelrod: Signed book: Your Job Is To Be, An Anthology to Inspire Soul-Connection with inspirational bookmark. Plus one Single Breakthrough Session [total value $500]

Debbra Lupien: Signed copy of International Bestseller, Akasha Unleashed: The Missing Manual to You (valued at $14.95) Combo Soul Introduction/Channeled Spirit Guide Reading (valued at $484)

Anita Morrow: 1 Year Tuition to the 'Manifesting Akademia' for Conscious Entrepreneurs. Learn and practice Manifesting the impossible because you know YOU are POSSIBLE!

Carlenia Springer: 2-Hour Vision on Fire Breakthrough Session (value $500) My last client who had this session almost had me convinced that she had lost her ability to dream and at the end of that session she resurrected my dream of creating a collaborative book, Kidz of the Kosmoz "Children of the Hidden Realm"! Her dream of sharing messages through shamanic stories for children all over the world reminded me of Kidz of the Kosmoz. Her story will be the first one in our upcoming book. She's also responsible for the title of my talk in the summit. And she will now be creating a series of books for children reminding them that they have a purpose and a mission to fulfill during their time here. Is there a fire that burns deep within your soul? A fire that nudges, pushes & propels you into places you once feared. You've made mistakes, been broken, even shattered and yet you still shine, you're still willing to give, you know you have a purpose and you refuse to let your past define you. Instead, you choose to believe what the Supreme Being said about who It created you to be, but something seems to block your expression. There are some dreams we let go of because we don't see a way through and there is a place that those dreams go to die. Our Vision on Fire Breakthrough Session is where we resurrect those dreams. What I Know About You Is When Your Time Comes, You Will No Longer Hesitate, You Will STAND, Look Around, Get Your Bearings & You Will Move Nations!

Dana Theriault: I am thrilled to offer a comprehensive power combo: 3 one hour empowerment coaching sessions and I human behavioural consultation. Value $1000